The Fish and Wildlife

green is a reliable site that informs its visitors about fish and wildlife in general. Nowadays there is a variety of organizations which main mission is to protect, preserve wildlife and its ecosystems. They preserve, protect, restore or manage the natural and ecological environments where the wildlife habits in.

Fish are a group of organisms, which consist of all aquatic vertebrates and gill bearing animals. The term fish refers to any non tetrapod craniate. The majority of them are known to be cold blooded, which allows the temperature of their body to change as ambient temperature varies. Fish are known to be found nearly in all aquatic environments. They are abundant in the majority of bodies of water such as: Oceans and mountain streams. Fish are known to exhibit a greater diversity of species than other vertebrates. The diversity of their species are found and divided in freshwater and oceanic ecosystems. The U.S Virgin Islands are very known for having a variety of wildlife.

Nowadays, fish are known to be an important resource around the globe, especially in food. There are commercial hunters, which hunt for fish in wild fisheries, fish farms or with the usage cages on the ocean, which are used for hunting. The recreational hunters are the ones that keep this animal as a pet or they are also exhibit in a public aquarium.

A fish just like any other animal suffer from parasites and diseases. The IUCN, also known as the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, which are dedicated to find solutions for the most pressing development and environment challenges. This organization provides a red list of the species which are in most endangered. The fish species that are threaded of extinction are the following: Devil's hole pupfish, Atlantic cod, white shark and the coelacanth. The species which live in fresh water are also threatened they usually live in small bodies of water.

Wildlife is the term that includes animals, plants and other organisms. Wildlife are found in the majority of all ecosystems such as: Rain forests, desserts, plains, urban places, etc. A negative factor that creates an impact on all wildlife is overkill. Overkill is the term that describes when hunting occurs at higher rates than its reproduction capacity. Here, at you will find information regarding fish and wildlife.

The green turtle

The green turtle is currently listed as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature . It can be found throughout all tropical and sub-tropical oceans . Unfortunately the green turtles continue to be heavily exploited by human. The indiscriminate destruction and loss of nesting and foraging sites is a serious problem that has lead this magnificent creature to the brink of extension [...]